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About Me

    I grew up in a religious, dysfunctional home. Even after I left my parent's house I've been subject to other abusive situations; including but not limited to: spiritual, emotional, verbal and employer abuse as well as running into manipulators and gaslighters. It has been a painful journey but am finding healing in my journey that gives me hope for better days. Not only has it filled me with compassion for other abuse survivors but I would like to also try to encourage and empower other survivors as I continue my journey which is the reason for this website.  I would love to be able to support you and empower you on your journey for healing.

    I'm also realizing that my original dream for this website is changing into something slightly different. I love beauty and I love creating so you will find on this website bits and pieces of my journey as well as the things I'm doing/creating in order to support myself in order to fulfill my dreams and goals of what I feel would best put into use the gifts and talents I have in me to be a help, blessing and empowerer for those around me. If you would like to help me fulfill my dreams and goals feel free to look around my website and finds ways you can do so, even if it is as simple as letting me know if you find something that has helped you. 

       Thank you for visiting! I wish you the best!

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