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Bits & Pieces of My Healing Journey

I am turning some of the helpful things of my journey into art and would like to share them with you on this page. With them I also want to include tips so that if you are struggling to find ways to empower yourself on your journey,you may find something that is helpful for you as well...

Ripped Cardboard

  This was subconsciously inspired by a friend who shared some pictures of beautiful Colorado scenery...I just wanted to be creative and started with the sky and realized I was inspired by their photos...

  Some history on some of the fabrics:
   -The darker gray pieces were from fabric I used for dresses when I worked for a spiritually and emotionally abusive employer.
   -The green and blue flowered pieces were some of my favorite dresses as an older teen struggling with suicide and oppression by the Mennonite culture I was a part of, seeking for help but finding none due to lack of trained and trauma informed "counselors".
   -The horses are added because they are a part of my healing journey via horse assisted therapy.
   -Butterflies and birds always bring me cheer and are a symbol of freedom...
   -The brown fabric for the path was also a favorite dress and symbolizes the healing journey I'm on and the progress I'm making which means my days and journey get brighter and more hopeful than I've ever experienced life to be in the past.
   -The sun symbolizes the rays of God's love and support as I walk through this life drawing me closer and setting me free.
   -And flowers because, well, who doesn't like to stop and smell the beautiful flowers(enjoy the beautiful moments) along the path of life?

One of the biggest things that help my body relax is being out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I like hiking with individuals that I feel comfortable with. There's something about being in the woods that helps my body relax. Here's some ideas if you need them:

    -go hiking/walking with a friend in a peaceful setting

     -find a quiet place  in a local park where you feel safe to just sit and soak up the scene around you

    -take some time to watch the birds and animals in their natural habitat

    -if you have room  have a small garden or plant flowers in pots...watching things grow does something for the soul and there is plenty of info available  online if you need advice or tips as a newbie

    -if none of these suit you, take time to do a little research and see if you can find something  to enjoy in a peaceful setting...

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