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cover for one girl's search for hope book kathryn hoover

I had previously published my story but I have revised it and added more up to date events and even some photos.  The reason for writing my story is because I know I'm not the only person who once thought suicide was the only way out, therefore I'm sharing some of the major details of my life in hopes that it will encourage even just one more person and help them to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you  want to check it out click on the book and if you enjoy it please feel free to leave me a review...

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cover for book nine ways to help your body relax kathryn hoover

Here is my second  book that has made it past the printing stage and my first ebook. This is a short work    of numerous things that I have found  helpful in my journey from ways to make a room inviting and cozy to a  few exercises that I've learned to help regulate my nervous system  when I'm struggling to relax. There are many tips and ideas  to help you get started in being creative on your own journey to thriving rather than just surviving....

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cover for book need some fashion assistance kathryn hoover

When I left a very strict religious group, I had no idea how to start blending into the everyday culture around me. There was so much that I had never learned and been sheltered from. In one way, it was very freeing to be able to wear clothes I liked without being hemmed in by the rules of my former culture but on the other hand it was overwhelming and frustrating to try to figure out how to dress so that I don't look like someone who knew nothing about fashion. I couldn't find any information or support in this area tailored to women who leave such strict cultures and so I decided to write a book that I would have found helpful in my lonely fashion journey as I tried to figure out how to dress in a respectable and fashionable way. From my own experiences to informational blog posts and books on the subject, I hope this book will be helpful for others who also leave strict cultures and try to figure out their own personal style. It has been a lonely journey for me and it would mean so much to me if I can help the journey be less lonely for other women.  This book has a  place to journal after each chapter and is available in both paperback and ebook.

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