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Fashion Assistance For The Struggling

A lot of us struggle at one time or another with how to dress, and I think the struggle is even more real when we have come out of religious or other abuse. Usually those who have come through trauma and abuse will find it hard to know who they really are and what really is their own unique style. I left the Mennonite community over 5 years ago at the point of writing this and with lots of trial and error (and  what feels like wasted money) I feel like I'm finally figuring out what my own unique style is. I would like to share bits and pieces of things that have helped me and some examples as well(first I want to find myself a mannequin)...Stay tuned as this is a work of progress...

          Coming Soon:

I am hoping to have it ready to purchase by the end of March/beginning of April. In it I share my struggle with fashion and learning how to dress well after coming out of a very strict religious culture...

Need Some Fashion Assistance?

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