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A Relating Example

Someone told me that when people aren't open to something they will usually do one of two things...they will either shrink away or else try to control the situation. I've been thinking about that in the last week because of some things that have happened and some books I'd been reading and I can see what they meant.

If you have an experience of someone abusing you and then try to do what you can to heal, it seems that there's three groups of people: those who understand, those who don't understand but try to be supportive, and those who try to sway you or delete you out of their life.

Those who aren't open will try to sway you and silence your voice. They won't try to understand. They would rather put on pressure to get you to meet their standards or qualifications. They won't listen to the things that are painful to you and try to find ways to work around them in order to be supportive...

These are just some of the things I've observed in my life and the relationships that I've lost because of choices I've made to follow my Guide and to heal the past so that I can live in the present and prepare for the future....

I'm going through another period of making choices that aren't supported by a lot of people because I'm trying to heal from abuse and causes a lot of grief and pain because I never dreamed that I'd be where I am today...but as I see God's hand guiding my every step....I don't hate the things done to me because I cant change them anyway...rather they just cause me to have more understanding and compassion for others of which I don't think I'd have if it wasn't for the things I've gone through...

I cant change the past, but it definitely is helping me to become a kinder person as I come to grips with the abuse and trauma I've had to endure...

What is your style of relating to people when they make choices you don't like or approve of? Do you understand? Do you try to understand? Do you try to sway them or pressure them to change their mind? Or do you just drop them out of your life?

( When a person is trying to heal it is only right that they set boundaries with people who are harmful and unsupportive in order to continue to heal not matter what connection they have to you.)

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