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An Unwanted Phone Call...

What do you do when you get a phone call from someone who treated you horribly?

I don't answer.

I let it go to voice mail.

I listened to it.

She said she wants to spend time with me.

I remember how she was the only friend I felt I had at one point.

She let me stay at her house so I didn't have to move back into my parent's house after I had taught school in another community as an escape from my parents house.

She was the one who helped me move to the state I now live in.

She was the one that helped me find a place to live and a job in this state.

When that place didn't work out [because of a dog that just kept biting me and the widow I was living with did nothing but rather blamed me and said it's because I'm bipolar (I'm not, just a label for when doctors don't want to deal with abuse and shouldn't be allowed to have their license)] she stayed with me the last 2 weeks till the old lady basically kicked me on the streets and said I had to leave and I had no place to go.

Nobody wanted me in their house because the old lady liked to gossip.(I had been trying hard to find another place to live for several weeks before she kicked me out)

I lost my job because of it.

I ended up in a girls home because of the old lady's gossip and people thought I was crazy and yet the house parents would wonder why I was there because I guess I acted normal.

The doctor I went to for a second opinion said the only thing he thinks I might need is something to help me sleep because the stress had been so bad I could barely sleep.

The old lady was determined to know if I was taking meds because it would've proved to her she was right. When she called I didn't want to talk to her but the administration told me I had to. It was horrible. I just told her that it's none of her business if I'm taking meds, but she was SO sure that I was.

Then when I left the Mennonites this same friend wrote me a horrible letter. Very harsh. So sure I was being disobedient to God and man. Never asked for my side of the story. Then she wanted to come spend a few days with me (I assume to try to make me change my mind) but it didn't happen and it's probably good it didn't because she wouldn't have gotten anywhere because I knew what I was doing and my mind was made up.

That was in March/April 2016.

I haven't had any contact with her since then.

Now tonight. Out of the blue. She says she had a longing to spend time with me.

There's a van load (they don't have their own vehicles for those who don't know) coming to this area tomorrow. She wants to come see me. If she doesn't hear from me she won't come along.

I'm very suspicious.

I think of my mom. I don't know what this used-to-be friend knows. I would expect her to barely recognize me. And perhaps beg me with tears to change my mind. I don't know.

What I do know is that I don't have time or energy for someone who treated me as she did. I don't have space in my life for someone who won't listen to my side of the story before chewing me up and down and inside out.

She definitely won't be hearing from me...

Now I hope I won't have too bad of an evening with all the painful memories...💔

It's Mennonite Culture, for ya...I'm the bad always...

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