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Crying Baby

Today was a normal day. A normal day of being triggered. Today was one that doesn't happen very often. I was at work. I heard a baby crying. I didn't think about it at first but within a minute I felt rage rising inside of me. I was transported back into the world of a 6-8 yr old girl who had just gotten a new baby sister not long before and her mom was trying to rest while her dad tried to calm the crying baby. As she played with one or two other siblings she looked up as she heard a noise. Her dad was spanking the baby! She froze. "If my dad does that to ______ what will he do to me?" was the thought that ran through her head as she sat frozen in place, watching her mom fly off the sofa where she had been trying to rest and rescue the baby from her dad's hard hands. The memory is still etched in her brain almost 30 years later as though it was yesterday.

I don't normally share things like this, but this is what's on my mind tonight...

#abuse #abetterway #healingispossible #healingisaprocess #abusersshouldbeheldaccountable #abuseiswrong #mymemory #mystory #trauma #traumasurvivor

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