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Food Is A Choice?

I've just been realizing lately that I don't have to eat food like I did at home. I don't have to eat Mennonite foods if I don't want to. I don't have to have baked goods and desserts in my diet if I don't want to.

I don't know why I thought that I have to. Maybe because that is what used to be normal. Maybe because that's all I know.

Now that I'm stepping out of that "used to be" normal in other areas, for what reason shouldn't I do the same with food? Maybe I'm just now realizing that I actually have a choice. I don't know. It's just kind of a weird thing to be thinking. It's probably so obvious to other people but like really, I have a choice? You mean I can really eat food that's actually healthy and nourishing for my body?

The more I learn about my body and how it works, and the long lasting damaging effects of abuse, the more I want to take care of it so that it lasts me for years to come, for as long as I live on this earth...

Then in the back of my mind I hear these words, spoken many times over the pulpit: deny yourself and take up the cross...

Jesus took time to rest when He was tired, to nourish his body when He was hungry, to relax away from duty. He kept necessary things first so He could continue His ministry. So often the focus is on the spiritual part but what about the physical, mental, and emotional parts? He took care of those areas of His life as well as the spiritual side, so why would it not be wise for me to do the same? #traumarecovery #healthyfoodchoices #mennonites #abetterway #abuseawareness #ihaveachoice #ICanChoose #boundariesarehealthy #boundaries #twistedbeliefs #closedculture #takingcareofmyself #healingisaprocess #healingisachoice

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