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Just A Meme

This morning the first meme showed up in my feed and I...

Well, I just had to fix it...

Because there is Someone who will eventually repay those who have harmed me...I don't want to waste my time trying to get's not in me to do so...what I will try to do though, is protect others from getting hurt by the people who have hurt me...

My life has held enough pain and trauma that I would be delighted if it were possible to live the rest of my life without anything harmful... which won't happen...but maybe in the next life...

If I didn't have the dreams that I do I wouldn't be where I am today...I probably would not even be alive anymore because life has just been so painful....but keep watching, because I'm not done yet...

I am not only a survivor. I am more than a survivor. I am a warrior. The lioness in me roars. She will keep fighting. Fighting for healing. So she can walk beside others who are trying to heal...

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My heart is weeping for you, my friend.

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