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Rags At First Glance

Last week someone sent me these words when I needed to hear them because I have been feeling so pressured to "fit in a box" (which doesn't work for me)...

"You sparkle, just by being YOU! 🌟

...It's just been that too many people have been so stuck in their "boxes" of conformity... they miss the magnificence of those who are sparkly stars.

And, sadly, they live in the dull world of conformity to errant beliefs and near sighted "judgement.

But YOU...Just keep on Sparkling... Your Sparkle might feel buried at the moment with all the trauma, and stress but it is there... and it is bright! 🌟"

It almost made me cry but it also inspired this piece of art. The individual is walking towards the future where the sun of hope is rising. They are dressed in rags because so often we see ourselves as worthless, trash, or even hate ourselves, often stemming from how we were treated as children or survivors of abuse. We have a very hard time seeing our worth and value. Sure, we may know that we have gifts and talents but we wonder what worth they have or if it's any good,etc...

I was making this for myself at first, but then today I realized that it might speak to others too if they know the story behind why I created it.

I am very creative so I added the stars in the person's wake as the sparkles that I create with my creativity and gifts that people might see. When I first started working on this piece I was thinking of my situation and how a lot of people see me as homeless, lazy, mentally ill, a lost sinner etc. All they see is the rags on the outside of me which signify my situation, my boundaries that they don't like, or my taking care of myself by avoiding triggering situations etc. When they don't take time or can't see is who I really am. This includes most people from the past and acquaintances in general as well as people who refuse to see me as the individual who I really am. When they choose to not treat me as an individual worthy of respect and care. I also thought it could apply to those who have left abusive churches, etc and the people who think they are wrong for doing so...

I made it to light up to signify who we really are, those with good hearts, but so often our light is hidden by the box we are forced to fit in, our circumstances, or whatever other stifling, squelching, or debilitating situations one may find themselves in...

We have worth.

We have value.

Often we struggle to see it for ourselves.

Often others refuse to be open minded enough to see it.

We deserve respect.

We deserve compassion.

We deserve care.

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