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by a glimpse of beauty

This is a fun way for me to use my creativity. Each item will be clickable and will take you to my online store where you will be able to buy a downloadable version or a physical product that you can then print or buy for your own personal use or a gift...I plan to keep adding art and have started the first set of bracelets that I hope will be the beginning of A Glimpse of Beauty fashion accessory line. I plan to keep blogging and want to write a few more books as if you are interested please keep checking back for you may find something new...

There are 3 sub-pages for you to peruse... the first one has calendars and art prints. The second one has jewelry and the third one has different kinds of subscriptions. Every purchase will be greatly appreciated and thank you for choosing to support a small business and the people behind it who are trying to make a better life for themselves.

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