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If you have come seeking for hope,truth or light to brighten your way,I hope you will find it here!

I grew up in a religious,dysfunctional home. I did not know what real love was. I had no hope.The pain was so deep inside that I was going to commit suicide but Jesus saw me and He reached into the situation and turned my life around. He washed my sins away and gave me hope and is more real to me than I ever dreamed possible. He helped me to see that there are still kind people in the world. Now looking back and seeing how far He has brought me;it is my heart's desire that you will also allow Him to come into your life and give you hope,joy and peace. 

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6


                     Be Still

I hear a whisper in my soul, Be Still.

  Be still, my soul,be still

In the Presence of the Father.

  Be still and know

He has all things in control.

  Be still and know

There is nothing to fear.

  Be still and know

You are in His hands.

  Be still and know

You are being taken care of.

  Be still and know

That He delights in you.

  Let the melody of His love

Sweep away the cares of life.

  Let the whisper of His peace

Dissolve the fears in your heart.

  Let the strength of His joy

Lift your weary head.

  Let the ableness of His arms

Ease the weight off your shoulders.

  Let the gentleness of His touch

Mend the wounded broken pieces of your heart.

  Be still, my soul, be still

In the Presence of the Father.

  Be still and know You are loved.

                                                                                                          -Kathryn Hoover

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